2 Jun 2016

Es + F2 on 10m WSPR?

Today is one of those days when we might see Es linking up with F2 further south, allowing 10m WSPR to reach southern Africa or South America. It probably will not happen, but it could. This precisely where regular WSPR use is so valuable.

UPDATE 1330z:  Plenty of 10m WSPR spots in Europe, but nothing further afield here. Still nothing on 6m WSPR.

UPDATE 1855z:  It now seems unlikely I'll see any 6m spots today. This was the same story as in previous summers when the band was open but very few were using WSPR. It is easy to work Es with SSB (just a few watts is enough) so people don't bother with WSPR. Although this is understandable, it is a pity. WSPR allows almost continuous monitoring so even the briefest of openings can be detected, even with low ERP.  For to be effective lots of people need to be on for lots of the time, ideally into the evenings. 10m WSPR continued to be good with plenty of spots of my 500mW WSPR beacon from right across Europe. My old workmate Bob G3WKW achieved good results on 6m JT65 today. I guess I need to use this mode more!


Anonymous said...

Several 'G's and other EU working JT1CO on 6m at the moment....wow, that's a long haul.

Roger G3XBM said...

For the last 2 summers 4X1RF (3519km) has spotted my 1W ERP on 6m WSPR. I remain hopeful!