14 Jun 2016

Early start on 6m WSPR and 10m WSPR

OZ7IT (853km) was spotting my 1W ERP 6m WSPR at 0658z this morning. I assume this is Es, but early.

UPDATE 0900z:  Steve VE7SL has suggested I monitor JT65 on 6m instead of WSPR as activity levels are higher. I am seriously considering this.

UPDATE 1002z:  Lots of 10m WSPR spots from stations in Scandinavia this morning. Nothing more on 6m WSPR.


Anonymous said...

I can second this suggestion. My antenna doesn't get out well and I am work keeps me from QSOs, but I had spots all over Europe on my dipole from Massachusetts. Screen shot on my callsign Twitter. - W1GJM

Anonymous said...

Roger ... more info on yesterday's JT65 EU/USA 6m spots:


Steve VE7SL 73