3 Jun 2016

Dying - NOT amateur radio

When 18, you think life goes on for ever: you have all of life ahead of you. At 67 you know you have, maybe, 20 years and possibly much less ahead. Thoughts turn to what happens when you die.

Is there life after death? Is it like before you were born? I cannot remember anything about before I came into this world so would the same after death be any worse?

As I have said before, all major religions have some sort of belief in an after-life. Wishful thinking?  I simply do not know.

It is possible that no-one else sees and experiences what we do. In an infinite universe (or multiverses?) anything is possible. We find it hard to contemplate not existing.

In the meantime, we have to make the most of life. Life is very precious.


Anonymous said...

it's very hard to believe that life is unique and humans came into existence 20,0000 years ago and the Earth has been here for billions of years.
And the chances of something evolving into humans is mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

Roger - Google some very well documented 're-encarnated' children's tales. Some of them simply defy any other logical expalanaition. My own theory is that 'souls' or whatever term one might give to that 'spark of life', simply keeps moving on. If it truly is a form of energy then it cannot be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

some think the mind as a way of forgetting a earlier existence, like dreams are forgotten easily. there's quite a lot of stories of young children who can remember their existence between lives as well as earlier lives. Tony