30 Jun 2016

BREXIT - NOT amateur radio

It is now a week since the UK voted to leave the EU. Although the pound has fallen the stock markets seem to have taken things OK. The UK seems to be on a self destruct route at the moment with the Labour party in civil war and the Conservatives thrown into confusion by Boris not standing for PM. It will be some time before the fog clears and we chart a new path.


Hugh said...

Boris, Cameron and Osbourne never really left the Bullingdon club. They have now smashed up the UK restaurant and all run away (as one does) in the finest traditions of Public school snobbery. BULLER BULLER BULLER !!! Down the mint sauce in one!

Anonymous said...

Theres life after Brexicution

Anonymous said...

Not for BJ I hope. Fiasco with Darius Guppy and beating up journalists. London's many atrocious skyline vanity projects, including the cable car "Emirates Airline" the Garden Bridge, Bishopsgate Goodsyard, Mount Pleasant, Convoys Wharf (the list goes on). The quicker we are rid of this dangerous image-seeker the better. It is justice that he got shafted by an anti-Eaton irk. May your zip-line always jam.