10 Jun 2016

BHS recently, so who is next? - NOT amateur radio

In recent years some very well known shops have closed and gone from UK high streets including Woolworths and recently BHS. Sadly, these stores never quite got their acts together in the on-line age. More are certain to follow.

My bet is on W.H.Smith closing next.  These shops always look tired and poorly lit. You get the impression this is a chain hanging on rather than thriving. They have looked tired for many years now. I find shopping there a dismal experience these days. No, they need to work on their lighting and on-line activities if they are still to be around in years to come.

Shops that will survive are those with a good website, good on-line sales, and a "click and collect" option in a bright and inviting local store. The model is John Lewis. Sadly W.H.Smiths is not a John Lewis. They could be though. I think there time to change, but not much.


Anonymous said...

The high street is changing behond recognition, Morrisons were set in their ways and very slow to get into internet shopping so they had to link up with Waitrose who had all the IT know how
Amazon are trying out fresh food with same day delivery, it might catch on with people who cannot get to the supermarkets or are house bound. We like to check freshness and use by dates so a trip to the supermarket is the only way.
I wonder how many UK shoppers miss Comet that was a great store for electicrical appliances.The only big Electrical retailer seems to be Currys Pc World and their customer service is very poor due to lack of competition. Woolworths did not have any Assets so it was impossible to find a buyer.

G1KQH said...

WH Smith will survive, they have control and distribution of the newsstand.

It's idiots ruining good companies using them to line their own pockets, otherwise known as asset strippers! Philip Green and Chappell being no exception!

73 Steve