10 Jun 2016

6m WSPR - doh!

I knew I had to offset my FT817 on 6m WSPR but it helps to be on the correct frequency! I realised I was set to 50.292700 whereas I should have been 50.292970. As soon as I corrected my stupid error of the last few days I was immediately spotted by G0LRD (25km) at +5dB S/N. I feel so stupid. Maybe now I'll see some 6m Es!  Silly boy.

Meanwhile my fully stand-alone W5OLF 10m 500mW WSPR beacon continues to be spotted across Europe and beyond. This little beacon has given me so much fun - it beats everything I have ever owned. It is so tiny too. If everything else had to go this is the one bit of kit I would want to keep. In terms of DX per pound spent this is incredible value. It is so small it can be overlooked, but boy does it pack a punch.

UPDATE 1835z: My first DX Es spot on 6m WSPR this season: EA1CCM (1301km) spotted me at an incredible +4dB S/N at 1832z. Yes, it definitely helps to be on the right frequency!

UPDATE 2135z: OH7AZL (2000km) was spotted on 6m WSPR earlier this evening.

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