26 Jun 2016

6m JT65 today

So far today, my 6m JT65 beaconing (1W ERP) has only been spotted in the UK. Last night I spotted an Italian late evening on 6m JT65.
6m JT65 spots so far today (1W ERP)
UPDATE 1038z: One Croatian station has been spotted on 6m JT65 (Es) but all the spots of me on 6m so far have been by G stations. JT65 is far more productive on 6m than WSPR in my view. I think this is because there are far more stations active. I am still hopeful of transatlantic spots on 6m JT65 even at my QRP level.

UPDATE 1218z:  My 6m QRP JT65 was spotted in Finland 20 minutes ago. I assume this is Es.

UPDATE 1255z:  Several more 6m JT65 Es spots from listeners in Finland.

UPDATE 1700z:  More spots on 6m Es (see map).

UPDATE 1755z:  Spots from right across Europe on 6m JT65 (1W ERP). Spots from 18 stations today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger. I'm assuming the close in spots would be tropo? do you get E's over just 100 - 200 miles?


Roger G3XBM said...

Probably tropo or aircraft reflection Tony.