28 Jun 2016

6m JT65 success again

6m JT65 (1W ERP) so far today
It is hard not to be impressed with 6m JT65. Yet again, my 1W QRP from my omni vertical is being spotted all over Europe. I am also spotting others at similar ranges. If this was 6m WSPR I may not have had a single spot all day. For 6m, even though theoretically not as good as WSPR, I am having great success with JT65.

It would be good to spot, or be spotted, across the Atlantic on 6m JT65. I am sure I have a much higher chance than with WSPR.

See https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html .

UPDATE 2125z:  6m JT65 has been excellent all day. With around 30 spots of my 6m QRP signals from all over Europe I am convinced that JT65 is the mode on 6m for me.
6m JT65 spots of my QRP today so far

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Jan Lustrup LA3EQ said...

Great signal here into JO28XJ on 6 meters Roger... 599 (+1dB)