16 Jun 2016

10m WSPR

My 500mW 10m WSPR beacon is still running with spots from all over Europe again today. I like the mode as you can monitor WSPRnet in the lounge, and just pop in to the shack if there is a problem or to do a time re-sync.

But I agree that JT65 does seem a better mode on 6m. WSPR would be fine on 6m if there was more activity. Also, I suspect the one minute TX cycle in JT65 is better, even though the mode is less good at digging weak signals from the noise. Overall, JT65 seems right for 6m.

For JT65, I have to use my PC and FT817, so if I want to try the mode on 10m I have to stop TXing on 6m. With 10m WSPR I can use my stand-alone W5OLF WSPR beacon and be on 6m JT65 at the same time. The tiny W5OLF WSPR beacon does not need external audio or a PC.

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