17 Jun 2016

10m WSPR and 6m JT65

Although I have been beaconing at 500mW on 10m WSPR for several hours, nobody has yet spotted me. On 6m JT65 I have had more luck with several Gs as well as Belgium and Spain spotted here. I only just realised I had not enabled TX on 6m (I now have).

UPDATE 1845z: So far, 3 G stations have spotted my 6m 1W ERP JT65 transmissions. No Es spots of me this evening, although I have only been on TX for about 75 minutes.

UPDATE 1912z: I see I am now spotting a couple of 6m stations on JT65 in Ukraine. I hope stations over there spot me too.

UPDATE 1920z:  UX4UA (2082km) in KO50el has spotted me, so it did not take long! I have also been spotted by a couple of stations in Finland. Clearly Es.

UPDATE 2005z: DK0SC (827km) has spotted my 10m 500mW WSPR. I am being spotted all over Europe on 6m JT65 with 1W.
6m JT65 spots this evening (1W ERP)

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