5 May 2016

USA Presidential Election - NOT amateur radio

This is a "democratic" election and I am only observing from afar. Mind you, you need to have millions or billions to have any chance. Neither candidate fills me with joy but I am truly amazed that the republican candidate is so popular.

Come the outcome, the world may be a different place if the USA takes a more isolationist stance in the world again.

Here, in the UK, we are electing some local and semi-local politicians. Here in East Anglia we are just voting for a new Police and Crime Commissioner for which I have received no data at all, so I am not voting for this QUANGO which must be costing UK taxpayer's millions.

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Dave Doler Jr said...

Roger, I truly understand your sentiments on our Republican candidate. I'd venture that the subset of Americans that are supporters of this fellow represent a significant minority, and that will be evident come November.

Perhaps its just a sign of the times. I'm old enough to have seen plenty of history repeat itself, and this is just another phase. Yes, jobs are not like there were in say, 1977 and neighborhoods look a lot different than in that day. But America is a wonderful place as is England and neither has to go Nationalist to stay the way. Change is something that we can have without worrying that the our countries have somehow taken a turn for the worse.

Well at least I think that. Maybe not so much with the folks that venture down our Republican paths.