10 May 2016

Returned to 10m WSPR

About 20 minutes ago I returned to 10m WSPR (2W TX 20%, 80% RX) hopeful of some Es or even F2 propagation on the 10m band.  As yet, no 10m spots given or received.

Just G8LCO (58km) was spotting me on 630m WSPR. I have now gone QRT on MF (630m). It is doubtful I shall bother with this band again now until the autumn in better conditions with a lot more active stations.

UPDATE 1056z:  Still no spots on 10m WSPR, although it remains early in the day.

UPDATE 1115z:   Still no spots on 10m WSPR. If there is to be any Es on 10m today, then I would expect it soon.

UPDATE 1348z:  OH5XO (1943km) spotted a few times around lunch on 10m WSPR, so some Es today again. No F2 seen here today. No Es since lunchtime.

UPDATE 1922z:  EA1FAQ (1249km) spotted me very strongly on 10m WSPR at teatime. Es definitely. Against my better judgement I have returned to 630m WSPR (QRT on 10m now) and am being spotted on 630m WSPR by M1GEO (65km) and G8LCO (58km). I think M1GEO is a new reporter.

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