12 May 2016

Nuclear Fusion - NOT amateur radio

There is lots of research going on into nuclear fusion.

Unlike nuclear fission which is used today and results in long-term nuclear waste, nuclear fusion could use the almost endless supplies of non-polluting deuterium in seawater. It is probably decades away from being commercially possible as the technical challenges are immense. Research is starting to yield results though.

Nuclear fusion holds the potential for almost endless, low cost, energy. It could hold the keys to the future, but it is not yet possible, although the research must continue. This is one area where worldwide collaboration would benefit us all.

As for electric cars, although a "good idea" I think range is a real killer. Most journeys are short, I know, but ranges of several hundred miles on a charge are really needed and I just can't see this even with the best battery technology likely in the next few decades. Replacement batteries for electric cards are very expensive. No, this is an area where a lot more research is needed both in transport for the masses in an age beyond carbon and in battery technology. We need some "thinking outside the box" in these areas. Cars that do not need diesel or petrol are essential. We have to crack this one and come up with good solutions.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen the latest hydrogen fuel-cell cars (FCV) ? this looks much more feasible as you can recharge quickly. A hybrid battery/fuel-cell may be the best configuration (FCEV). The technology is racing ahead. Hyundai already has an off-the shelf model (Tucson), as does Toyota (Mirai). I expect we will see much more of these types of cars in the future. Shame none will be from the UK.. we've lost our good enginners overseas a long time ago already Hugh G6AIG (in Paris)