23 May 2016

EU referendum - NOT amateur radio

The UK votes in a referendum on whether to remain in the EU or leave on June 23rd.

Like many, I am undecided.

The UK is not a world power with an empire - this went years ago. The EU is a gravy train for bureaucrats and is an unelected quango in the main creating so many laws that most small companies cannot keep up with them. At the same time, WW3 starting in Europe has not occurred and as long as there is an EU is unlikely. There is much wrong with the EU but much of it is a force for good. The EU needs to reform.

No I am still undecided. What I do know is this is a very important decision which will effect us for years to come. I think the vote will be very close. Should we vote to leave, I think others will follow too not many years down the line. My gut says leave but my logical self says stay in.

UPDATE 1400z:  I am really fed up with NEGATIVE messages and spin. 


gj7rwt said...

I am a firm believer in going with your gut. The Euroland was built on a lie and the implications of that are now coming home to roost.

Yes it will be close but no matter what the result, Euroland will eventually self implode.

De Andy

Anonymous said...

Although I was very young at the time it always bothered me how the Maastricht Treaty was ratified. First the Danes voted no then they voted yes. Did that make the score 1-1? No it didn't. Yes trumps all and forever, even though the victory margin was slim. In the UK it wasn't even subject to a referendum! That whole process left me with a bad taste for the EU. It felt like will of Brussels would be rammed through and to heck with democracy, national sovereignty.

I won't be voting since I'm no longer a resident of the UK, but I think I am with the leavers.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thought. If I had the chance, I would vote for leaving in an instant (I am a resident of Germany)

The EU is built on the ideas of the last century, aiming for a socialist utopian state. Those days are long gone, we are living in a global world these days. The kids today work and live overseas and they travel as if it were the public bus system. We all will be required to adapt to this by being more flexible. A socialist super-state is as good to conquer new economic challenges as were Russian government run farms to efficiently feed the people - they are not. What we need are smaller, flexible, efficient structures.

Run as long as you can.