3 May 2016

Dad - NOT amateur radio

Yesterday would have been my dad's birthday. He would have been 98 although sadly he died in his late 60s in 1987 from a heart attack. I can't imagine him being 98. He died young but he was otherwise healthy to his end.

I regret not speaking to him about his Pathfinder years in the RAF. There were brave young men on both sides in WW2. Dad did not like to speak about those days. Looking back he was very very brave.

The war years impacted him greatly and he was happy not to be reminded of them. The funny thing is if he walked in the door now it would seem so natural. There is so much I'd want to talk with him about.

If your parents are still alive ask them the questions before it is too late.

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Anonymous said...

Sage advice, Roger. My great-grandfather died in WW1 from illness like so many. With the centennial in 2014 I tried to find out as much as I could, but it became apparent anyone who knew anything was gone. To my family's great shame, I found out he was only added to the UK Book of Remembrance back in 2009! There are photos and so forth, but who knows where they are now. However, I did find a census form online filled out by him in 1911. Such beautiful haunting handwriting, living in work class poverty that was the norm back then.

Gary W1GJM