16 May 2016

Clifftop /P

Well, yet again I had intentions of walking out to the clifftops for some evening /P operating, probably on 15m. Instead the 2km walk was just that - a pleasant stroll in the late evening sunshine and a chance to take a few more photos. They have removed the 2 seats on the coastal path as well! The weather is becoming less settled, but I may try Wednesday evening as we are at my brother's for a meal tomorrow evening. I think with my voice being such hard work I am less keen than I was on /P operating.

In all we have walked much further this holiday than I was expecting, which is a good sign: I still have a poor voice, I still tire easily, I still feel giddy but I can do more than I expected. I guess I have to learn to adapt to the "me" I am now and not the "me" I used to be.

Before coming away I feared I would never be able to walk the south west coast path from Hope Cove to Salcombe ever again. Although I would be done in at the end, I think I could manage this - just. Maybe on a future visit....

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