9 May 2016

Back on 10m WSPR

At about 0936z I resumed my 10m WSPR activity. It will take a few minutes before I am ready to give and receive spots.

Let us hope today is better than yesterday, which was dire here. At least the sun is shining, although this has nothing to do with Es!

There has been some work correlating some thunder activity with sprites and Es, but I don't know the details. Es is fascinating and there is still a lot to learn. May, June, July and August are the best Es months in the northern hemisphere with a much smaller peak December and January. Es can occur at any time though, to a lesser extent which is another good reason to use WSPR.

Years ago I remember getting into trouble with my mum and dad when I used the one domestic TV we had to hunt for Band 1 DXTV by Es.  In those days (1960s) you could see all over Europe on Band 1 TV in the summer months. On tropo I could always see the Band 3 819 line transmission (weakly) from Brittany. The antenna was totally in the wrong direction. On a 405 line TV (unmodified) there were 2 pictures side by side.
10m WSPR so far today
UPDATE 1142z:  Some Es on 10m WSPR. No F2 seen here.

UPDATE 1642z:  Much to my surprise, I exchanged spots with FR1GZ (9724km) this afternoon and spotted PU3WSF (10416km) this afternoon by F2.  I was not expecting F2 today.

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