10 May 2016

Arecibo EME in 1964?

Way back in my youth, I recall that USA amateurs got access to the huge 1000 foot dish at Arecibo in Puerto Rico for early EME (moonbounce) tests. This was extensively reported in QST and the RSGB Bulletin at the time. I think this was 1964 or 1965.  As the dish was huge, it gave smaller stations a chance with EME. EME started soon after WW2 I believe but for many this was their first chance.

In more recent times there have been other activations. EME takes real dedication but recent advances in digital techniques have made EME more accessible to smaller stations. It still needs a lot more power and antenna gain than I have!  Some of these activations are on YouTube.  See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1agnioRKJw .

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Graham said...

Good day Roger,

EME is a fascinating facet of our hobby. Generally most will think lots of power and BIG antennas but that isn't necessary all the time but it certainly helps.

VE7SL has a couple of recent postings on his blog of his EME activities using relatively simle equipement



cheers, Graham ve3gtc