12 May 2016

6m Es and DXTV

There seems to have been a little Es in evidence on 6m WSPR this lunchtime with DL3NGN spotted in the UK. Certainly later in the season we can expect 6m Es most days.

In the old days, DXTV on Band 1 was an almost daily occurrence with RAI (Italy) and TVE (Spain) often seen. These were 625 lines whereas Band 1 TV in the UK was 405 lines. French 819 line TV appeared as 2 visible signals side-by-side on unmodified UK sets. I can remember to this day the Es signal from the South of France broadcasting "midi-Pyrenees". At times it was just like a local!


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, yes DXTV. Old mmemories come up. Had a black&white portable philips TV in the early ninetees. Still have some photos somewhere from DDR1 and DDR2. We used to see Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Spain as well when there was good ES. 73, Bas

Richard Ayely said...

Ah the good old days, had a modified Thorne Portable B&W TV with a homebrew 5 element yagi and mast head pre-amp. Later added a multistandard colour G8 chassis modified to go on the QE2. I still have some of my Russian testcard photos, my best DX was China via TEP or multi-hop E's. The DX conditions are still there its just too few people monitoring. 73