23 Apr 2016

WSPRnet - down again

In the last few hours I have tried (in vain) to visit WSPRnet to see where my 5MHz WSPR reached. It was down yet again. Many many times regular WSPR users have offered to pay for a reliable service. When WSPRnet is down WSPR is far less useful. I am still waiting!

At the moment the WSPRnet service goes for weeks working fine, then it collapses in a heap. Sometimes it is a long time before service is restored. I am unsure where the problem is but I hope it is soon repaired.

UPDATE 0912z:  WSPRnet is still down, after very many hours.

UPDATE 1236z:  WSPRnet is still down!  This is bad. I do wish the server owners and maintainers would get help.

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Anonymous said...

The site admin posted a plea for help on Apr 20th.


A few takers, but not as many as when the thread in the forums flare up around these outages. Perhaps because no one reads the "blogs" aspect of the site? Anyway, it's a step forward, from the radio silence we're used to. Here's hoping.