18 Apr 2016

Stroke update - NOT amateur radio

Not a lot of change really.

My biggest issues are not being able to speak easily, drinking liquids and feeling so profoundly tired so often, even though I sleep well. The fact that I feel wobbly when on my feet I have learned to live with. The tiredness is debilitating.  I feel as if I have drunk 8 pints of beer most of my waking life. I can assure you it is no fun. Sitting down is OK. No-one, and I do mean no-one,  seems to understand what a struggle it is. The comment I get is, "you do look well". If only they understood just how difficult life really is on the inside.

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Hugh said...

Although it may not seem it to you, regular readers of your blog will have noticed a continuing improvement since your discharge from hospital. Your blog entries are ever more frequent and you have obviously not lost the ability to think. I have sympathy for your physical problems, but your mental capacity seems largely intact which is to be grateful for. Can you still do CW OK? that would seem to be a way around the speech problems? Best wishes, Hugh G6AIG