29 Apr 2016

Spot the PW?

Have you noticed how few radio magazines there are nowadays on the shelves of magazine shops?  The photo shows part of the magazine racks in W.H.Smith's in Bury St Edmunds. There are lots of mags on trains and transport, quite a few on PCs and smart phones, but it took me ages to find any mags on radio. It is as if our hobby no longer exists.

Out of interest, Practical Wireless was eventually found! Can you spot it?


G1KQH said...

A few thousand measley penny pinching Amateur's is not enough audience to set the press rolling. Hence Buy a phone, Update your phone, Apple today or Android latest, sound much more promising for their publishers..

73 Steve..

2E0YJY said...

Sadly, since George Dobbs finished his Carry On The Practical Way articles, I have not bought the PW. I do not need to read the articles and adverts about expensive equipment. I like to make my own gear. "Practical" and accessible is what it used to be about. Now it is about attracting the wealthy.