28 Apr 2016

Sepura shares rebounding? - NOT amateur radio

Although basically a very sound and profitable company, shares in my old company, Sepura (SEPU), fell this last week after a profits warning. Since then, the shares have rebounded a bit. I hope it is sustained. Sepura makes and sells secure TETRA digital radios and DPMR radios. It is now 8 years since I retired. It is a long time now.

See http://www.lse.co.uk/ShareChart.asp?chart=intraday&sharechart=SEPU&share=sepura.

1 comment:

G1KQH said...

A nice Roast Beef Sunday dinner will do you more good!

Shares are nothing more thann putting money on the Gee Gee's, its security you need not worrying over what might be or won't!

A nice Ham rig is a better investment, at least you can have hours of enjoyment out of it..

73 Steve