29 Apr 2016

No luck on 10m WSPR today

Perhaps surprisingly, no spots at all today of my 500mW 10m WSPR beacon. Certainly here there was no Es propagation evident. I shall be on the band for a few more hours so things might change before dark.

On 630m WSPR with far less ERP (about 27dB less!) I have been regularly been copied at 223km in IO93 square.

On 10m, if there is no propagation that is it - no reports unless there are some Gs spotted by aircraft reflection.  On 630m WSPR there seems to be inter-G propagation all the time.

UPDATE 1912z:  Still no spots at all on 10m WSPR here all day. I shall be going QRT on 10m very shortly.

UPDATE 1945z:  QRT on 10m. Copying G0MRF (103km=64miles) well on 472kHz WSPR. Sadly it looks like G0MRF is only on TX WSPR and not RX at all. If he was looking on RX too, this would be a new one for me on TX.

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