28 Apr 2016

Labour Party - NOT amateur radio

So the UK Labour Party has suspended Ken Livingstone (ex Mayor of London) for being anti-Semitic! Like many, he is appalled by how badly the state of Israel has treated the Palestinians. No, let these people speak out about wrong in this world, where ever it comes from. Sorry, but the UK Labour Party is tearing itself apart. This will let the UK Conservative Party back into power in 2020.

In the last 70 years the state of Israel has done much wrong, as have several Arab nations. Let's try for some real peace. Up to now we have seen very little real effort to forge a lasting peace in the Middle East. Arab blames Jew and vice versa.

On an individual level I know many Jewish people who are kind and generous. I wish well for every human being. We all need tolerance and understanding. All human beings have a right to peace and justice. We all need to be tolerant of our neighbours, whatever their creed or colour. We may not agree with them on many things but they share this small rocky planet with us.

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Hugh said...

I agree. I also think (if you listen carefully to his own words) that what Ken Livingstone said was historically correct. I think George Galloway is spot-on:- this is not really about anti-semitism- there is a dirty game of chess being played within the Labour party to topple Corbyn. Naz Shah was an unwitting pawn (caustic comments from 2014 dredged up), Ken is a knight but the king is Corbyn. I find it quite disgusting how the press has been whipped by groups probably in the Labour party itself, involved in a smear campaign and the behavior of John Mann I find frankly outrageous. I used to think the British press was impartial.. just shows how bad it has become under the all-embracing reach of Rupert Murdoch. Sorry for the rant, but I find the press reaction and the smear-collusion frankly disgusting.