3 Apr 2016

G3XBM Projects

Yesterday, Steve G1KQH mentioned in a comment how he missed my projects. I do too!

As many will be aware I suffered a stroke 2.5 years ago. I expected to make a full recovery, but it has not worked out that way. Even now, although people tell me how well I look, I still feel giddy most of my waking hours and I tire easily.  My voice is poor and I have trouble with drinks. My fine motor skills are not good. Basically, I have struggled with things that were easy in the past. I really miss just fiddling and building. Life is much harder.


G1KQH said...

We all understand Roger.. You keep taking the Scotch and it will be just fine!

73 Steve

2E0YJY said...

Don’t worry too much about doing new projects Roger.

We are all still busy messing around with those you have already done. Take pride in your achievements so far and more will come when you get better.

Best wishes Mike