4 Apr 2016

Another low cost rig from Yaesu?

See http://www.qrpblog.com/2016/04/yaesu-ft-891-new-hf50mhz-transceiver.html .

The date of this was April 1st, so this may be a wind-up. If it is, like me, you have been fooled!

YO9IRF/M0HRH reports on his blog about on the Yaesu FT891. As reported, if true, it is a mobile-sized rig covering HF-50MHz.

As I said, this could be a wind-up. Caveat Emptor. It was also picked up by Amateur Radio Weekly, so if a joke, they were fooled too!

They claim this is not an April Fool wind-up. I hope this is correct.The FCC data does look genuine enough.  If a hoax it is a very complex one. The question is, if genuine, will it be available in Europe and at what price?

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Razvan YO9IRF said...

Hey Roger, I had my doubts about the info at first too, but there is a document about it on the FCC website and Gigaparts is taking preorders for it. But, the Yaesu FT-410 has been in the FCC labs a year ago and still hasn't hit the market, so there's no real time frame for it.

Razvan YO9IRF/M0HZH.