22 Apr 2016


Later today I may give 5MHz WSPR a go, although I need to check what frequency to use. I see that Romania has been granted access to a narrow part of the band. I hope CEPT (including OFCOM) allocate a contiguous 100kHz band at 5MHz rather than just the 15kHz worldwide allocation allocated at WRC-15. This band will be important in the quiet years to come. 15kHz is very narrow.

UPDATE 1020z:  I have just switched to 5MHz WSPR (both TX and RX).  I have had to go QRT on 10m WSPR and 6m WSPR because of rigs and antenna.

UPDATE 1100z:  These are the initial spots on 60m. 
UPDATE 1310z:  G8VDQ (93km) has been spotted on 5MHz. He must be active on many bands. My best DX on 5MHz WSPR TX remains 448km to Germany and The Netherlands.

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