23 Apr 2016

5MHz WSPR overnight

WSPRnet sprang back to life this afternoon (I think). It disappeared sometime overnight after 0250z I believe. This eventually allowed me to see the best 5MHz DX last night on WSPR TX. This turned out to be a spot from AB4DF (6436km). There may have been others, but WSPRnet fell over, so I shall never know. I hope to be on 5MHz overnight, so let us hope WSPRnet works! My antenna is very poor and very low for 5MHz. I am amazed how far I got last night with 2W and this low, inefficient antenna.

UPDATE 2135z:  37 unique stations have spotted my 5MHz WSPR in just over a day. Probably more as WSPRnet was not working for much of the time. 5MHz is proving to be a very useful band.

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