19 Apr 2016

481THz test

The wind is soon to be light and from the north and east. This means our windmill sails will be out of the way if I manage to do some optical tests in the next few evenings. I want to see if I can detect my 481THz red light reflected off the windmill using QRSS3 at a moderate distance.

To do this test I shall need to aim my QRSS3 optical beacon at the windmill and use a PC with Spectran software and sensitive detector and optics at the remote site. I have tripods but they are not the world's best.

As it is some time since I used the gear, I need to do some local tests first to check all is well.

Optical work is fun as all the gear is homemade and test gear is simple. In my view this is more fun than microwaves. It is accessible to all. All you need are a weak light source, a scope, free software and a multimeter.

In my healthier days I had a lot of fun detecting my QRSS3 optícal signal over the horizon  There was no sign of the signal visible by eye, but on the PC screen it was very clearly visible.

See https://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp3/optical/481thz-nlos .

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2e0yjy said...

Hi Roger. I look forward to the results of your optical comms experiments.

Regards Mike