18 Apr 2016

10m WSPR so far today

Just G stations being spotted and spotting me so far. G0VUH (157km) is a new one for me. G4CUI (172km) is best DX so far.

UPDATE 1140z:  HA9AL (1455km), OZ9QV (864km) and OZ7IT spotted me and I spotted OZ7IT (853km). It looks like we are now seeing Es on 10m WSPR.  It will soon be time to return to 6m WSPR.

UPDATE 1235z:  Now OK2SAM (1283km) has been spotted on 10m WSPR.  Lots of Es I think.

UPDATE 1615z:  HA9AL (1455km) is being spotted again. This is classic Es with a second peak around teatime. I may start 6m WSPR from tomorrow and revert to my 500mW 100% TX only beacon on 10m at the same time on a different antenna. 

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Jan, OZ9QV said...

Hi Roger,

10m has been excellent with Es until now, today, 28 unique calls from all directions decoded on WSPR, from the local OZ7IT who also spotted you, at 47km, to UT7GH at 1727km. Shortest skip was LA2BCN at 371km.
Looks like the active antenna about 4.5m high works nicely on 10. Excellent Es day, the time of the year taken into account.
Also, many beacons were heard, and my monitoring of the Russian TV frequencies around 49.75MHz yielded several periods of strong TV carrier signals. I saw that 6m was open, but I do not, at present have access to a decent 6m antenna.

I hope you get many more WSPR spots in the time to come.

Vy 73 de Jan, OZ9QV