24 Mar 2016

Sunspots and 10m - Thurs March 24th 2016

Solar flux is 86 today and sunspot number just 14 (K=2). 10m propagation  is again expected to remain "poor". I QSYed from MF to 10m about 30 minutes ago, more in hope than expectation!

UPDATE 1252z:  10m never to amaze me! I was expecting nothing today and see that 4X1RF (3519km) has already spotted my 2W 10m WSPR 10 times already. It certainly shows that 10m is open far more often than casual SSB or CW use would suggest. Some of 4X1RF's 10m spots have been remarkably strong too.

UPDATE 1356z:  The spots from Israel seemed to stop after lunch. I am now beginning to wonder if the 10m band will open to S.America. Anything, it seems, is possible!

UPDATE 1626z:  No more spots on 10m since lunch.

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