30 Mar 2016

IC7300 price

Still I reckon that the UK price of the ICOM IC7300 is too high.

With a simple SDR architecture I believe the price should be some way below £1000, but the dealers will keep prices high if buyers are prepared to buy at the high price. What I am saying is the price is what it is because some in our community want this rig and are prepared to pay. I like the IC7300 at a fair price.

Dealers are not greedy, just following the rules of the marketing jungle.  It is only because some are prepared to buy at a high price that the dealers charge this price. All dealers will plead poverty and say their hands are tied by the Dollar prices and exchange rates.

Charge a fair price (dealers make a fair and reasonable profit) and the IC7300 will continue to sell well.  At some point this year there will be an ICOM-Yaesu price war between the IC7300 and the FT991 . ICOM is better placed to win. In the meantime, I shall wait and I hope others will do too.

See http://www.hamradio.co.uk/amateur-radio-main-equipment-pc-302.php.

As I have said many times, the IC7300 is a nice radio at the right price.

The reviews of the IC7300 should make interesting reading.
See http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/12742 .


PE4BAS, Bas said...

I wonder if the chinese will come with a simple SDR transceiver like the Icom and sell it half the price! That would be a big war! I'll patiently wait till more reviews will be available and the price will decrease. 73, Bas

pedro said...

Too bad that wee can not connect the radio directly to a lcd monitor.

Hugh said...

I has! Check out the HF One MkII 10W rig. This looks like a cut-down mobile HF rig but it is SDR-based, and can run just like a Flex radio. It can also run stand-alone like a mobile (which the Flex cannot). Looks very solidly built too!

Mike said...

Let the buyer beware. Or should it be aware? Hold steady, never buy the first batch of consumer goods. Wait 30 weeks and pay 30% less.

Remember the price of colour TV when they arrived on scene.