21 Mar 2016

Early Es on 10m?

Barely 15 minutes on 10m WSPR and I am exchanging strong WSPR spots with DK1MAX (891km). Is this short-skip Es? Nothing else yet copied and this was a total surprise. I was not expecting spots until much later.

UPDATE 0934z: Now spotting OE6PWD (1232km) on 10m WSPR. Surely this is Es. Perhaps I should try 6mWSPR today?

UPDATE 0954z:  4X1RF (3519km) is now spotting my 2W 10m WSPR. This is early and promising. I suppose this could be double hop Es, although single hop F2 is more probable, I think. HA9EL (1455km) has exchanged 10m WSPR spots and this could mean there is a chance of multi-hop Es.

UPDATE 1334z:  4X1RF (3519km) has spotted my 2W 10m WSPR no less than 10 times so far today.

UPDATE 1832z:  Several late spots from Brazil on 10m WSPR.

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