15 Mar 2016

Back on 10m WSPR

At about 0914z I returned to 10m WSPR.

I was on 630m (472kHz) last night but the PC closed the WSPR program around 0100z to do updates. I only recently did a scan and program restart.

As conditions look disturbed, I am not too hopeful about 10m WSPR today. If I get spotted at all, it is likely to be by G stations only. On 10m WSPR I am using 2W 20% TX and on RX for 80% of the time.

UPDATE 0924z:  No 10m WSPR spots as yet, although I am not surprised.  It is very early and conditions are not good.
UPDATE 1120z:  Still no 10m WSPR spots.

UPDATE 1145z:  4X1RF (3519km) has spotted me a few minutes ago, so there is life on 10m WSPR! I assume this was single hop F2.

UPDATE 1356z:  KD0VWO (7412km) monitoring in Brazil has spotted me on 10m WSPR.

UPDATE 1515z:  Several spots from Israel and Brazil today on 10m WSPR, as well as an exchange of spots with my old local friend Ted G4NUA (12km). As I have said very many times, 10m has a habit of throwing surprises. Today I thought I'd be lucky to get even G spots but spots have come in from real DX locations!

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