16 Mar 2016

Ads from the past

AmateurRadio.com has an interesting post with old ads from 73 magazine back in the 1960s. As the post says, we have come a long way.

See http://www.amateurradio.com/50-years-ago-ads-73-magazine/#more-44841 .

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John - GW3OIN said...

Hello Roger
I was very interested to see the Ad for the Joystck Antenna. Claims no doubt somewhat extravagant ! That said I did own one and despite negative press I enjoyed using it with my Heathkit HW-7 (happy days). Well past the peak of the wonderful sunspot cycle in 1958 I still managed to work all continents with that set up. This included working VK6, with a good report. Sadly the Joystick is now gone but I still have the HW-7, also some letters I exchanged with George Partridge, maker of the antenna.
Kind regards.
John -GW3OIN.