24 Jan 2016

What happens after death? - NOT amateur radio

As one gets older - I am now 67 - I suppose thoughts naturally turn to the end of life. It comes to us all, but we prefer not to think about it.

I honestly have no idea and the most likely is we'll not be aware, as we were before we were born, so it may not matter.  MAN has a real problem with finality, and nearly every religion has talk of life after death. It bothers me that some are so certain about this. At the moment I have an open mind. Like so much in this universe, or even multiverses, we really have no idea.


Terry Graham said...

Hi Roger. My dad always said that it would be a shame to die healthy. I am now 66 always messing about with ham radio and boats. Have a wife and 2 dogs lots of grand children to keep me on my toes. Worked for British Forces Broadcasting Service as a cameraman, covered many war situations.
I came to the conclusion don't worry about the after life, there is for to much happening here in this life to want to go anywhere else.
Terry EA5IHM. www.terrysradio.com

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, you probabely read this. Anyway, one thing is shure. Many will read your words you've written down now for at least several years after your death (example G4ILO). That will keep you alive after death...73, Bas