29 Jan 2016

What band?

With my poor voice and often monitoring WSPR activity elsewhere in the home and not being physically in the shack (it takes only seconds to be in the shack though), I wonder what bands I should concentrate on. Habitually, I go on 10m daytime and either 630m (more recently 40m) WSPR after dark. I used to also go on 6m daytime but in several months I only had a handful of WSPR spots logged. Outside of the main 6m Es season, this band is hard work.

When in the shack, I try 20m JT9-1 and JT65 for 2-way contacts. WSPR suits my current needs well most of the time. I use voice modes infrequently as I find these hard going nowadays. I wish this was not so, but there you go! One has to adapt. I still lack the fine motor skills and energy for field work at present.

At some point I want to resume 481THz and VLF field work again. These gave me a lot of pleasure.  At present I am too lacking in energy. I tried a couple of field excursions last year, but it was too soon: my body was not ready. Instead, for now, I am concentrating on what I can do, at home.

So what would you recommend?

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

Choosing you band of interest is very personal. At the moment I'm monitoring 30m WSPR, only receive. Plan to move to 60m later next week. Find the charts on wspr.pe1itr.com most interesting. 73, Bas