21 Jan 2016

Sunspots and 10m - Thurs Jan 21st 2016

Solar flux is 101 and sunspot number 59 (K=5). The forecast for 10m propagation remains "poor". These were the early spots:
DF1KZ still has problems knowing where he is! It should be EA8/DF1KZ or DF1KZ with a corrected QTH locator!!


Hugh said...

seeing eastern european pirate CB activity starting on 10m.. so maybe due for some
contacts east? Hugh G6AIG

Hugh said...

DK1FZ is running extremely low power. I have done this myself, and it makes a LOT of difference if you use the original 'default' WSPR settings of short callsign and 4-number/letter QTH locator, which needs just ONE decode,

or a full QTH locator and extended callsign which needs a 2nd message (with 15-bit hash code) for full decode.
There is no way around this so please have some sympathy for mW-users
who only have once chance when conditions lift sufficiently.

Try this yourself.. reduce your QTH locator to just 4 characters, and see the difference! Hugh G6AIG

Roger G3XBM said...

I understand Hugh. My 500mW 10m WSPR beacon has pre-programmed QTH locator built in. Using the FT817 I can adjust all parameters and power and go on RX. I still prefer the tiny W5OLF beacon!