29 Jan 2016

Sunspots and 10m - Fri Jan 29th 2016

On average, solar conditions are deteriorating but this the average and we still get better days. Today solar flux is 111 (quite decent) and sunspot number is 64 (K=1). 10m propagation is expected to be "poor" again, although it would not surprise me if we see the USA appearing in WSPR spots after lunch.

After a night on 630m (472kHz) WSPR, I returned to 10m WSPR at 0955z. There were no surprises on MF overnight. It will take a while for things to settle on 10m, where I am again using 2W TX for 20% and on RX for 80%. Even at 2W, I seem to spot others more than I get spotted.

With the W5OLF beacon I TX 100% at 500mW but the TX frequency is randomised. Yesterday early evening there was evidence of wintertime Es on 10m WSPR.

UPDATE 1056z:  No 10m WSPR spots as yet.

UPDATE 1242z:  SP5TWA (1302km) was spotted at 1230z. Is this another case of wintertime Es?

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