19 Jan 2016

New record number of visits to blog

Yesterday saw a new high in daily visits to this blog. I have no idea why!

As you know, I try to reflect what interests me, what I am doing in our hobby and a few things which are unrelated to amateur radio. I intend to continue in much the same way, hoping you all find something of interest here. Please let me know if you think the blog is missing anything important.

Clearly there is a QRP bias, but my stroke has made me concentrate on what I can do. This year, I want more 2-way QSOs but as I find speech hard (for too long) I will be looking for JT65 and JT9-1 QSOs in the main.  Of course, these will be with just a few watts.  When not in the shack I shall be on WSPR monitoring elsewhere in the house.

As I am slower at spotting errors than I was, please let me know if you see any. I try to correct any I notice but I must miss some.

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PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, I noticed from my own blog that you get more daily visitors when you update at least once a day. Most blogger don't. You have something to tell every day and sometimes even more posts are made on a day, that attracts people. QRP is a good attractor, people like to see what you can do with a modest station to reflect their own progress in the (QRP) hobby. At least I keep an eye on your posts to see if you have been heard at a DXCC I don't have in the log yet. 73, Bas