13 Jan 2016

Lincoln President Mk 2

This rig (mint) has barely been used since last winter. It works well too. The FT817 does all I need really. Because of my poor voice, I mostly use digital modes these days.  So, I shall probably box the Lincoln and use it as a trade-in later.


Anonymous said...

So after years of whinging about the rip off prices and poor after sales guarantees
offered for this over hyped CB (before eventually buying one) , you now want to get
rid of it ;-)

Roger G3XBM said...

No, not at all. How WRONG you are!!!

I waited for the price to drop before I bought it. In my "old" state of health it would have served me well for many years. Yes, many amateur radio products ARE sold at rip-off prices to amateurs who have more money than sense.

No, I had expected my voice to be fine by now following my stroke. Sadly, my voice is still poor, so I cannot get best use from this nice rig.

So yes, at some point it will probably go, but not in the circumstances you (so wrongly) presume.

Roger G3XBM said...

Oh, why hide behind "anonymous"? If you wish to presume how my mind works please have the decency to use your real name.