22 Jan 2016

FTSE recovery? - NOT amateur radio

At the moment the FTSE 100 share index has recovered about 2%, although some think a fall to 5200-5300 could happen. It certainly feels "wobbly".  If I was a betting man, I would expect heavy falls, but I am not a betting man. The markets don't like the slowdown in China, the general gloom around prospects in the world economy, and the rapidly falling oil price.

At some point, not too far away, the whole economy of the world has to change with a realisation that fairness is important and that resources are limited. Growth as a mantra for years will no longer be the watchword. Unabated growth and consumerism cannot be the way. We have finite resources and a finite world. Numerous surveys have shown that more money does not make us happier, in fact the opposite.

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