20 Jan 2016

Decent results on 10m WSPR

As I write this it is 1400z and results so far on 10m have exceeded expectations. This is the log so far today on 10m WSPR:
DF1KZ is either in the Canaries using the wrong callsign again or he is in Germany using the wrong QTH  locator. Either way, something is in need of attention! I am also puzzled by the large drift seen on most 10m WSPR stations today. I don't think the drift is at my end. Could it be moving clouds of Es or F2 layers?

Despite the "poor" forecast for 10m today, it is yet again saying, "Keep at it. I am a band that will always surprise you".

UPDATE 1518z:  Although no international DX seen since lunchtime, G4CUI (172km) has recently been spotted on 10m WSPR.

UPDATE 1730z:  G4CUI (172km), running 5W, has now been spotted 4 times so far today.  This suggests that 10-20W of JT9-1 would span this GDX at almost any time.

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