30 Jan 2016

60m WSPR

I have QSYed to 60m WSPR, RX only at the moment. I may go on TX later.  Although I went on 60m some time ago, it is a long time since I last used the band.  As we approach poorer solar conditions, I expect I'll use this band far more. It is a pity that the international allocation coming is so small. I hope CEPT countries decide to allocate a larger contiguous secondary amateur allocation. I always have to check the sub-bands I can legally use. It would end a lot of confusion if we had a contiguous allocation.

UPDATE 2036z:   I am now on TX (2W 20%) on 60m.  Although I have not (yet) spotted others, my 2W has been spotted by stations in Switzerland and Germany on 60m WSPR.  The antenna is only my tri-band Par resonated with my ATU.  For 60m it is very low.

UPDATE 2255z:  My best DX, so far, with 2W on 60m WSPR is a spot by SV8RV (2269km). I shall leave the kit running through the night. As yet, I have still not copied others on this band tonight. I must have a bad noise problem on this  band? It is bad on 80m.

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