31 Jan 2016

60m WSPR overnight

I stuck with 60m WSPR overnight, although all attempts to access WSPRnet before breakfast were unsuccessful. This service definitely needs help, both financial and practical.  If WSPRnet cannot be relied on, WSPR is dead. The unreliability of WSPRnet is one reason I want to do more with JT9-1 and JT65 this year.   PSK Reporter seems very reliable.

On 60m I was being copied in the USA by KK1D (5409km) well before midnight despite 2W and a very poor antenna.  A few stations were spotted here too, despite the high local noise floor. At the moment I am still on 60m with plenty of Europeans spotting me.

60m looks useful.

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Ken May said...

Hi Roger, I thought it was just my PC playing up stopping me getting access to WSPRnet for the last few days. Now I know from your blog is was not, so that's good news to me.

It does seems strange that an internet based system so many of us have come to love and rely on has no obvious support. I have never been able to get a reply from the various 'keepers' whose calls have appeared from time to time. Maybe they are overloaded but there have been many offers of support so I don't know why something cant be done. I for one would also support a subscribed system.

Sorry to hear your health is not improving at the rate you would like. All I can do is wish you the best.

many 73