24 Jan 2016

10m WSPR so far today

It has been a mixed bag with what is probably wintertime Es with a spot by DK6UG (633km) earlier as well as several spots inter-G both given and received.

UPDATE 1525z:  Both North and South America spotted on 10m WSPR, so plenty of  F2 propagation.  W1VR  (6965km) was spotted at 1428z and  CX5BBF (11123km) was spotted at 1324z. Both stations were using 5W. So far, this looks quite a good day on 10m WSPR. Earlier there was also an ON by tropo too.

UPDATE 1818z:  Several further spots of W1VR this afternoon, with the latest at 1612z. I shall shortly be going QRT on 10m WSPR as I think we've had all the real excitement today. In the end, 10m was pretty good today.

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