27 Jan 2016

10m quiet (..and late activity)

Although I was expecting half-decent results on 10m today, it looks like others have had a bad time too, judging by the lack of 10m DX spots on WSPRnet today. This could still change, but I think we are now seeing people deserting the 10m band. It is certainly much easier to get spots on lower bands. Apart from G8VDQ (93km) I have given and received no other 10m spots all day.

UPDATE 1420z: 10m is a band of surprises! Just as I write the above K9AN (6505km) spots me on 10m WSPR. I was just about to QSY to JT9-1 on 20m, but will now remain on 10m WSPR for the afternoon.

UPDATE 1528z:  It is now nearly 1.5 hours since the last 10m WSPR spot. I'll give it a few more minutes, but I may QSY to 20m JT9-1 after all.

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