28 Dec 2015

Swallow - NOT amateur radio

A swallow (migrant bird that usually leaves for South Africa mid September) was seen in Bantham, South Devon on Dec 26th. This is incredibly late. If we have a mild winter it is possible this bird will over-winter.  I have not seen any records of these birds surviving through the winter before but this winter has been very mild so far. The best chances are on or near mild coasts where there is a plentiful supply of insects near seaweed.


John -GW3OIN said...

Hello Roger.
I thought you might be interested to know that I have found a report of a Swallow staying in the UK all winter.
The report is dated 16 March 2008 and relates to a solitary bird that spent the whole winter in a village near Truro, Cornwall. This report would appear to have credence in that it had BTO involvement as part of a survey of wintering birds. A comment you make is interesting in that this bird found food from insects in seaweed.
I have also found a record of a RETURNING bird on the I of W as early as the 15 FEBRUARY !
John - GW3OIN.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks John. I guess this fits the bill of mild and a local source of insects.