27 Dec 2015

Sunspots and 10m - Sun Dec 27th 2015

Sunspot number has dropped back a little to 63 (K=3). Solar flux is still respectable at 113. 10m propagation is expected to be "poor" today, so USA spots on WSPR are not too likely. I may try 10m with 50mW output later. My best chances are wintertime Es rather than F2 propagation.  I shall probably QSY from 630m to 6m shortly.

UPDATE 1100z:  I am now active on 6m WSPR (20% TX 1W, 80% RX) and 10m WSPR (50mW TX 100% but frequency randomised within the WSPR window). Unfortunately my W5OLF 10m WSPR beacon has the power shown as 500mW "hard wired" so the reported TX power on 10m will still show 500mW even though my power is only 50mW.  Only if I use the FT817 with external attenuators would I be able to change to power indicated. I may try this later in the week.

UPDATE 1248z:  No spots at all with 50mW on 10m WSPR. I may try 20m WSPR later. This will mean going QRT on 6m so I can use the FT817 and PC.

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